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A podcast for people who love Harry Potter, cats, and drinking wine.

"So, I wrote a thing."

We're the Basic Snitches - Tara and Adam - producing a podcast for people who love Harry Potter. And cats.  And wine.  And snacks.  And dick jokes.

Every week, we discuss a chapter from the Harry Potter series, dissect it, discuss themes, real-life parallels, how we relate to the book, and compare it to the films made of the same series.  There's also plenty of  fun games, sidebars, and ridiculousness along the way.

So, I Wrote a Thing
F!#Q That Guy!

"F!#@ that guy!"

Learn a bit more about our hosts. 


Tara Corkery

Gryffindor     She/Her     Northeast Ohio

Co-Host, Producer, and Social Media Manager

It's Tara's fault that Basic Snitches is a thing to begin with.  She came up with the idea for the podcast back in 2018, and then roped Adam in.  Tara is also one of the co-hosts of the J.D. Robb podcast, "Podcast in Death."  In her spare time she does... nothing, because she doesn't have any!  Tara is active in the Northeast Ohio theatre community and has been coaching speech and debate for 18 years. She also enjoys hiking, board games and traveling.

Adam headshot_edited.jpg

Adam Bowers

Slytherin     He/His     Northeast Ohio

Co-Host, Editor, and Web Designer

Adam is into witchy bullshit and is a mega-bibliophile... so, he's a fitting co-host for a Harry Potter podcast!  By day he works as a Senior Marketing Manager for a publishing company, and by night he does everything else:  Freelance marketing, tarot reading, volunteering in a variety of non-profits, home improvement, traveling, hiking, kayaking/cabrewing, and sometimes if he can squeeze it in, sleeping. 

Basic Snitches is hosted by Tara and Adam - but over the years we've become a community of many different idiots. Here's all the the lovely people who make up the wild and wacky Basic Snitches Community.

Listen, Qwen

"Listen, Qwen..."

You've learned about who we are, now take a listen... and SUBSCRIBE! 

It's Canon!

Our listeners looooove us! Here's a few rave reviews from our biggest fans.  

"This is the most ridiculously fun Harry Potter podcast. I've tried a few others and only got a couple of episodes in. Tara and Adam are having a party, and you just gotta join in. I love how they rename the characters! On the serious side, their analysis of the characters are insightful and thought-provoking, and the book to movie comparison is spot on. I am going to be sorry to see the end of book 7."


It's Canon!

We Have Merch!

Tote bag.jpg

That's right hennies - now you can show off your Snitch Pride, AND your house pride at the same time! Our favorite product?  OBVIOUSLY a Basic Snitches branded wine glass, perfect for when you're sipping and listening to our stupid voices. Check out apparel, tote bags, mugs, and more at our merch shop below.  

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We Have Merch!
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